Northwest Dairy Commitment

About Darigold

Every day we strive to deliver innovative, responsibly produced real dairy products of unsurpassed quality, freshness, and flavor to our consumers.  We pride ourselves as restless pioneers, always seeking a better way while upholding our long-standing commitments to nutrition, sustainability, and transparent stewardship of the land, animals, people, and communities we serve.

We believe in the promise of every new day and bold ambitions backed up with authentic, purpose driven actions.  Our future is bright and our innovative spirit strong as manifested by our vision of being the agile, innovative world-class brand of choice for consumers everywhere.

Darigold.  Real Dairy, Made Better.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1918
  • Milk sourced from about 300 family-owned farms in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana
  • Our cows are never treated with artificial growth hormones
  • Committed to being Greenhouse Gas Neutral by 2050